Halloween is near! It’s spooky-wooky time!

October is definitely my favorite month of the year! Halloween (which also happens to be my birthday!) is near and I love the overall spooky yet cozy vibe around this awesome night. So why not prepare myself properly with some creepy games and tons of jump scares?

That being said, I unleashed my ‘inner monster’ and I went trough my games searching for horror games and I found these scary and/or zombie related beauties. Ordered from ‘MAJOR JUMP SCARE ALERT!’ to ‘I had some scary moments’:

  1. Until Dawn
  2. The Last of Us
  3. Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare
  4. The Walking Dead Collection
  5. Bioshock I & II

Β Halloween Games

Until Dawn was the only title in this list I hadn’t played yet, so I started my spooky month with this one. It’s a survival horror game in which all characters can die. These characters exist of a group of eight teenagers who want to spend their weekend in a remote lodge way up on a mountain. You’re task: keep everyone alive until dawn. After my first play through I had only three survivors… Woops! But I have been replaying it to get other ending, which are all very fun to play. I eventually got my Platinum for it, yay! A guide to help you to get all trophies will be posted on this blog soon.

Until Dawn

I’ve played The Last of Us on my Playstation 3 and it has been one of my three most favorite games ever. Don’t forget you can get the remastered edition for Playstation 4 this month for free if you you have a Playstation Plus subscription. Those Clickers and Bloaters can sure be intense to deal with! Be prepared! πŸ˜‰

The Last Of Us

For those who love the Red Dead Redemption series and want to experience it in a new creepy look should definitely give Undead Nightmare a chance. It’s not as good as the original, but I’ve enjoyed it a lot when I played it for the first time. The undead now roam The Wild West and you play once again as John Marston. The single player story just takes around 6 hours, so it’s an awesome game to play in between.

Gaming Spider

I’m a big Telltale fan and the first game I’ve played from this production house was The Walking Dead. This was back in the days I mostly played on Steam, but I liked it so much I wanted to get this Collection edition for my Playstation 4 as well. The design of these games is so impressive. I love how they have transformed a beautiful comic book feeling into a game fit for your television screen.

The Walking Dead

What’s not to like about Bioshock? Being a mash-up of both retro and futuristic elements, this first-person shooter really knows how to absorb you into its setting. Adding the creepy vibes, brought to you by the abandoned underwater city Rapture where lugubrious little girls and lunatics roam, makes this title very suitable to consider as a game you would play around Halloween.


What are your favorite horror themed games?

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